Freelance writer services for web copy & print


What are you looking for?



Content writing? Yes, you can get that here.

Content writing? Perhaps you’re not.

Copy writing? No, we never cut corners.

Copywriting? This can be provided.

They can be confusing, little things can’t they – words? But we can help.

Words are written. It’s pretty simple. What makes the difference is the value a client places on writing and what that writing can do for their company. You may not be a Glaxo or a Microsoft. You may never have their marketing budget. But where you can level the playing field is on the writing side. This is your chance to punch well above your weight.

These companies have access to exactly the same vocabulary as you. They do not own more words just because they have more money. What matters are which words you select and what you do with them. That’s where we step in.

You can view writing samples on the WORDS and NEST pages.


From seller sentences to persuasive paragraphs, one-line slogans to lengthy reports – wherever you need words on show, we can provide them. Website copy, business data, personal profiles, weekly blogs and journalistic features, all can be created to suit your relevant tone of voice. Increase your brand awareness or call customers to action; the right words can work like a spell (no tired mention of ‘word wizardry’ will be inserted here).


You may have some web content or print copy that has already been written but requires direction. It doesn’t quite flow as you feel it should. The structure needs work. A narrative is required. All the information is in there but you need help getting those points across in the most effective way. You need an editor.


If your copy is almost ready to go, perhaps you would like a professional eye to take a look at it. Or even two. The finest of fine details matter in professional marketing. Catch all those errors while you can – before your site goes live or your text runs to print. Accurate grammar, correct punctuation and effective rhythm get your message across professionally and keep the customers reading.


Words Nest is one primary, freelance copywriter. For huge jobs, associate writers are brought on board.

Work can be carried out remotely, so the client can be anywhere in the UK – or the world. Alternatively, copywriting can be created in your lovely office if you prefer on-site work.

01. You make contact, stating what you need help with. You’ll receive a reply and details about your project will be taken. Is it creation of copy from scratch? A rewrite of current content? Does it involve research? When is your deadline? Questions, questions, questions.

02. A price quote and delivery timeline will be provided.

03. If you are happy to proceed we take it from there, starting with detailed enquiries about your target audience and desired tone of voice.

That’s about it. As mentioned above, it’s pretty simple. Working with a copywriter is not as daunting as it may seem.

Over to YOU.