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Here are the creative efforts of a freelance copywriter. Clients got in touch with word shaped gaps to fill, in need of help filling them. From straight-ahead web content writing to more nuanced advertorial, personal profiles to exhibition covers. Copywriting is created for a wide variety of marketing projects.

If you need a content writer, conceptual thinker or someone to provide a journalistic feature, take a look below and see if you like the words selected and the order they’ve been arranged in. Hopefully you’ll read some sentences that you like – and feel just right for your company.

Project: Bio

Client: A futurologist

Copy: Tamar Kasriel profile

What will be on the menu in 2050? Don’t pester the maitre d’, just ask Tamar Kasriel. Tamar is a futurist, sometimes called a futurologist or even a trendspotter; she set up her own company, Futureal in 2007 to develop her work with organisations in the field of tomorrow’s trends. Futureal is the next step in a stellar career which impressed throughout 10 years at marketing company The Henley Centre where Tamar was Head of Knowledge Venturing.

While at the Henley Centre and since flying solo, Tamar has nurtured a media platform through which she has succinctly spread her visionist message to client companies directly and also to a wider audience in need of concise, jargon-free interpretation. This has led to repeat appearances on news programmes and breakfast television as well as a global listenership via the B.B.C. World Service.

Whether commenting on a pin-pointed market through trade press such as The Grocer or providing insight to the general consumer in Cosmopolitan magazine, Tamar has constantly proved herself as an effective communicator. Her ability to inform and stimulate has resulted in a continual stream of speaking engagements.

Conferences such as ‘Talking About The Future’ at the Science Museum, London and the E.C.R. forum on international health and wellbeing in Johannesburg, South Africa reflect the global demand for Tamar’s skills as a speaker on the workings of consumer, social and business trends.

Tamar’s writing has been published in Brand Strategy, the monthly thought-leading journal of brand management. An in depth knowledge of burgeoning future markets, such as those in India and China is supplemented by an insight that appeals on a more personal level; be that ‘info-besity’ or ‘eating yourself beautiful’. The future is not all about mutating markets, it fundamentally centres on shifting social changes; changes which affect us all.

“It’s about having your eyes open and looking beyond the focus of the day to day. As an individual or an organisation, you need to get a sense of what’s going on beyond the horizon.” Whether commenting on the dawn of self-cleaning clothing in the sober Financial Times or designer dogs in The Guardian’s tabloid G2, it seems there is a readership keen to glean the insights of Tamar Kasriel. The present is ready for her future.

Project: Exhibition summary

Client: A jeweller

Copy: Anna Andersen work statement

An old barge on a canal. A flowering plant on a balcony. Such summer sights are not what inspire Anna Andersen, but the very ties that restrict and support them. ‘Rope’ is the latest development in the work of this talented, Danish jeweller. Directly evolving from the oversized, patchwork jewellery of her previous collection, the simplicity of form persists. A tempting tactility remains. Her pieces are to be touched; stroked as well as worn.

Created in plain, blanched cotton, nothing detracts from the basic functionality of these utilitarian designs. Knots and links, twists and loops, all are utilised to create pieces that embellish with a simple beauty.

This rope is made with craftsmen’s practices developed over centuries. Whether it’s basic matting, a church bell toggle or the chain plait which held that barge, Anna believes such details deserve to be cherished.

Project: Extension scheme

Client: A builder/designer

Copy: Project details

The challenge: our client was just about getting by in a cramped, light lacking kitchen. There was no space for the child who was now old enough to zig and zag all over the house. Despite longing for the extra room a modern extension would guarantee, the client wanted to preserve the traditional feel of this building.

The solution: we extended the small kitchen with a rear extension. By incorporating some expansive Velux roof windows the light was soon streaming in. This brightness was accentuated by the fitting of traditional bi-fold doors, their timber design holding as much glass as possible. While the sun floods in during warm summer days, come winter the prevalence of glass does not bring chills. We prevented this by fitting specialist pale slate tiles to complement the range cooker, beneath which sits an energy efficient under-floor heating system.

The result: Mr and Mrs Leigh now rustle up meals in a spacious, airy kitchen where there is room for family dinners and entertaining friends. After which they can relax with entertainment systems while the child and his little friends play within view of mum.

Project: Artist overview

Client: A painter

Copy: The work

Tessa Claiborne is an artist working principally with oils in a myriad of still life themes. The choice of these subjects is influenced by her neighbouring flora and fauna. Natural selection.

Growing up in sparsely populated Scotland in the north of the United Kingdom has left an indelible impression. Tessa has absorbed her Scottish father’s love of botany and ornithology along with her Dutch mother’s calming, European sensibility and affinity for wildlife.

The artist moved to the sunshine state five years ago but her European soul and a yearning for the changing seasons back home continues to cast a spell over her increasing body of work. An eye for nature’s finer details honed on many countryside walks in the UK is evident in the delicate stroke work at play on the wooden surfaces upon which she often paints.

Branches, stems, leaves, seeds, birds, pods, fruit; all are living subjects suspended in time on boards from five inches square to two feet across. This suspension is not inert. She manages to keep her subjects alive through the use of subtle colour, tangible shapes, vivid tones and acute composition.

Tessa creates comforting works that have an understated depth to them. This can be deceptively captivating. Mesmerising even. One moment pensive and solemn, another warm and enchanting.

To make the challenging seem effortless is an art in itself. Documenting nature’s wonders before that persistent sun goes down. An artist touched by light. An artist’s lightness of touch.

Project: Team page

Client: A food producer

Copy: A new type of smoothie

A new approach to fruit and veg smoothies that seals in freshness, maintains nutrients and retains flavour. Heat pasteurising is well past its ‘use by’. Instead we cold pressurise ingredients which seals in freshness. So Jooser marches to a new beet. Daring to be different as you bid farewell to heat-treated, sugar soaked, preservative packed drinks. Say hello to the new dawn smoothies.

We are passionate about our new concept in healthy eating. Fruit and vegetable drinks are what we adore. Between the gulps it’s all we talk about. Making great smoothies. Then making them better. Better production. Better ingredients. Better packaging. Better recipes. Just sharing the best. It’s what we love to do.

We produce fresh, natural, fruit and veggie smoothies. Jam-packed with succulent Jooser goodies from beetroot to broccoli, cabbage to kale. Plus a wide variety of sweet companions such as pear, strawberry and pineapple. The tastiest way to target that 5 a day.

Blender fresh without the mess.

Project: Advertorial

Client: A builder

Copy: Home extensions

Sitting at home staring at the wall. You’re wondering where it all went. The floor space, the emptiness, the size. When you moved in nobody told you the baby would grow into a never stationary, room clogging, toy collecting, space eater. Why no warning on the length of the in-laws’ visits? Remote working seemed so convenient back then but a desk at the office now feels like an escape. You continue to stare. That wall seems ever so close. Much nearer than it used to. If only you could move it.

It may seem like a daunting prospect taking on such a project but with Direct Extensions you would be guided every step of the way. Making dream homes come true is what they do. By keeping your worst nightmares at bay. They provide a full service from start to finish: architect provision, planning guidance, building control, party wall consultancy, interior design. Whatever it is you need for your revamped home, Direct Extensions provide it.

Be it functionalism or fantasy, Direct Extensions know how to make your home the home it should be. Some extensions are built out of necessity – that extra bedroom for the newborn. Or just for the wow factor a change can bring, a games room you’ve always wanted or the dream kitchen you thought you could never have.

Whatever the reason, nothing is out of reach. They can take you there. Solving your problems and overcoming obstacles is fuel for thought, be they design, architectural or budgetary issues. Whether you want renovation for a leisurely playroom, extension for a minimal but massive kitchen or future proofing for shifting work patterns, they will get you there.

So, if you’re still staring and staring, wishing you could move that wall – where there’s a will, there’s a way. And the right way is with Direct Extensions.

Project: About Us page

Client: A marketing department

Copy: Taxi advertising sales

Smart Cab Co. is a specialist marketing company with a focus on advertising in the world of iconic, London taxis. Whether it’s on the famous exterior of the capital’s black cabs, on eye catching seats inside passenger compartments, or across receipts handed out as fare payers depart, they know how to get your message across.

Developed by a management team with 15 years of experience in taxi fleet coordination and vehicle advertising, Smart Cab Co. understands what works. If you need advice on a one taxi, quick impact slogan or a slow burn, thousand cab campaign, they’re on hand to guide and assist.

Advertising your business or product across the platform of taxi exposure is an immediate but cost effective way of increasing brand and company awareness. With an average journey time of 14 minutes, there’s a lot of time to feed your message to a captive audience through interior ads. Should exterior publicity be more suited to your campaign, 200,000 journeys a day means a lot of cabs zigging and zagging across town, all with the ability to spread your message as they go.

So, whether you have a brand new product to launch or an existing service to reposition, a one-off event seeking a PR boost or a store opening that requires big crowds, Smart Cab Co. can make it happen.

If you need help developing London cab strategy, they can show you how. Or if you already have a fully formed campaign, they’ll provide support where needed. Working together toward your destination is what they do. There are no back seat drivers at Smart Cab Co.

Jump aboard. It’s a smart move.

Project: Kitchen Colour

Client: A magazine

Copy: Lucerne ceramics

Blue top. Brown base. A reassuring, innocent blue meets an almost edible brown. This is Lucerne, a long expired range from the Langley Mill pottery in Derbyshire. There is something almost cumbersome about these pieces. The rounded but not quite sleek corners. A solid, bulky volume and hefty weight. Substantial pieces. Design more akin to an Armitage Shanks bathroom suite.

At once distinctive, yet also quite homely, this pottery from the 1960s deserves to be cherished. It is the choice of colours that makes all the difference. An odd pairing. The sky meeting the earth. A stoneware horizon. Slowly lift the cheese dish lid to reveal a chunk of Double Gloucester and you have your very own culinary sunrise.

Project: Construction scheme

Client: A developer

Copy: Renovation category

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single brick. Or something like that. Your ultimate dream home may seem well out of sight – with tons of hard effort in the way before it can be reached. Not to mention the money. With MyLondonExtensions by your side the journey won’t be so difficult. Or costly. Aren’t dreams supposed to be enjoyable?

From a bare land plot and a headful of ideas to a fully constructed, well appointed, dwell-ready home, we’ll get you there. Starting with a blank page you already know exactly what you want: from door panels to ceiling cornices, from kitchen islands to lush en suites. No design is too grand.

If you dream big, we’ll build big. Expansive floor space or extensive room count, you decide. MyLondonExtensions has all you need to build from scratch: architects, surveyors, interior designers, craftsmen, builders and a crack, legal team.

Houses are not all we extend – a helpful hand at a stressful time. Take it and we’ll work together to make your home dream come true. With our team of highly experienced professionals, we’ll work with you every brick of the way.

Project: Miscellaneous

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